KingRoot Ver 5.4.0 APK

KingRoot Ver 5.4.0 APK

KingRoot Ver 5.4.0 APK

Download Free Latest verion KingRoot 5.4.0

NameKingRoot Ver 5.4.0 APK
File Namekingroot_apk_5.4.0
Size Files10 MB

OSAndroid 4.1 +
Release Date2020-04-21
Post Date2020-04-21
Category APK Games Firmware Wallpapers Tools Themes

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KingRoot - Kingroot is an application to root Android very easily, just one click. Can be used for almost all mobile phones and all versions of Android.

1. Root Android with just one click

Usually doing an Android root is very complicated. Must be connected to a PC, install ADB Driver, then just make root authorization. But if you use the Kingroot APK application, root can be done without a PC and can be done with just one click.
2. Supports almost all types of mobile phones

You can enjoy this convenience on almost all Android phones. So if you want to root your Xiaomi, Samsung, ASUS and other cellphones, that's enough with this one application, Kingroot APK. Really no hassle, complete and super practical.
3. Supports almost all types of Android

Already using the latest version of Android? It turns out that the root method will remain the same if you use this Kingroot APK. But to root the latest version of Android, you must also make sure to use the latest version of Kingroot.
4. Can Get Rid of Bloatware

Bloatware is a default application that is annoying. It also makes smartphones slow and wasteful of internet quota. By using Kingroot APK, Bloatware can be removed easily with just one click too.
5. Can Also Eliminate Root

If your smartphone is rooted, the warranty generally disappears. This is the reason many people are reluctant to root their smartphones. Even if you use Kingroot APK, unrooting or removing root can also be done easily.

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