V2ray & ShadowSocks Client Connector, Ultra Fast

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What is V2ray?

V2Ray (VMess) is a VPN with a new type of protocol. The VMess protocol is an encrypted transmission protocol originally used by V2Ray, which was developed like Shadowsocks for deep packet inspection against walls. V2Ray is a VPN software created by V2Ray.com which focusing to provide privacy while you connect to the internet. V2Ray supports multiple protocols, including VMess, Socks, HTTP, Shadow sock, etc. V2Ray can be run on Windows, macOS, BSD, iOS, and Android.

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Communication between clients and servers on V2Ray is mainly via the VMess protocol. VMess is the main protocol used to communicate between servers and clients. How to use V2Ray (VMess) for free internet tricks or to change certain types of provider packages to become regular quota or flash quota.

What is Shadowsocks?

A SOCKS5 based proxy project, Shadowsocks is an intermediary that is primarily designed with regard to bypassing censorship. First released in 2012 by its creator, a programmer from China under the pseudonym “clowwindy”.

In 2015, these programmers announced that they had withdrawn from the project because they had been contacted by the police. Since then, Shadowsocks has grown and is managed by a number of collaborators. There is one big similarity between VPN and Shadowsocks – their ability to connect you to certain websites that are usually out of reach due to government censorship, geoblocks, or otherwise.

Shadowsocks focuses on circumventing data traffic restrictions. This facility utilizes HTTPS, thereby disguising its data traffic so that it can advance through the planned censorship steps.



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V2ray & ShadowSocks Client Connector, Ultra Fast

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